Parent Association

Welcome to the Santa Lucia Parents’ Association (SLPA)

The SLPA is intended to provide fun events for the children, involve parents in activities, raise funds for the school, and offer educational events for the children and parents.  The SLPA’s goals are:

  • To support and assist the administration and faculty in the development and implementation of the school’s philosophy and mission
  • To build a stimulating environment in which every student can experience success and enjoy learning
  • To advocate for a quality education
  • To provide a forum for the expression and advocacy of parents’ concerns.

As a Santa Lucia parent or guardian, you are automatically a member of the Parents’ Association.  The SLPA hosts regular meetings where parents can hear the latest school news, discuss what’s on their minds, and listen to invited speakers.  All parents are welcome to attend any meeting and get involved with any of the events.  Meetings are held in the early evening in the school hall or office.  For meeting schedules, consult the monthly school calendar.

One of the responsibilities of the SLPA is fundraising and relies on your involvement and donations.  We are often in conversations with the school administration to figure out what is needed.  Financial contributions from families and friends have helped build the Enrichment Center, pay for general maintenance for the school, and upgrade technology. There are many opportunities throughout the year to donate, including special events such as our fall Bunco and spring dinner show.  Your involvement in these events is crucial to their success.