Student Life

Student Life

The boys and girls of Santa Lucia enjoy a warm and close family atmosphere.  Small class sizes and a single lunch period contribute to a building where “everybody knows your name.”  The buddy system keeps older children involved in the development of their younger school mates, who in turn depend on that friendship and guidance as part of their moral formation.  Buddies work together on liturgical and seasonal activities which build school spirit.

Check out our photos from our Kids Kabaret 2018


Santa Lucia students create a monthly newspaper to share all the great work that is done around the school. Check out the links below to see issues of SPIRIT for the 2017-2018 school year!

Aug Sept 2017 Spirit

Oct – Nov 2017-2018

December 2017 

Jan.-Feb. 2018

March Easter 2018

Living Stations 2018

April-June 2018

Check out links to last years SPIRIT newspaper: sept-oct-2016-2017-1,  november-2016-spirit-2, december-2017-spirit-1, Spirit February 2017, 2017 Kids’ Kabaret, March April 2017, Spirit May June 2017


Santa Lucia presents its outstanding students with various awards. The following is a list of awards available to our students:

  1. Trimester honors of gold, silver and bronze based on academic performance on quarterly report cards.
  2. A “Lucian” award is presented annually to an outstanding graduate.
  3. The Maratea award is presented annually to a graduate who demonstrates the following qualities: leading with heart, pride in school/school spirit, and brotherhood towards classmates, staff.
  4. High School Academic Scholarships are presented to qualifying incoming freshmen.
  5. Religious Honors (Santa Maria Incoronata and the Crowning of the Blessed Mother) are presented to 8th graders.
  6. The Michael Phillips Award is presented to two (2) graduates by The FORCE Foundation.